Autism Spectrum Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders refer to the spectrum of developmental disabilities characterised by difficulties in social interaction, communication, restricted and repetitive interests, and behaviour and sensory sensitivities. ASDs include: Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Speech and OT Centre provide assessments for autism across the lifespan. A comprehensive assessment can identify developmental difficulties and determine what interventions, strategies and supports will assist someone to reach their potential. Our assessments also include information about an individual’s strengths, talents and interests so that support plans can be tailored to their particular goals and aspirations.

When to Refer?
  • Limited use and understanding of non verbal communication such as eye gaze, facial expression and gesture
  • Lack of seeking to share enjoyment, interest and activities with other people
  • Difficulties with social and emotional responsiveness
  • Limited imaginative or make-believe play
  • Unusually intense or focused interests
  • Stereotyped and repetitive body movements such as hand flapping and spinning

Where to start

We deliver a flexible and broad range of services that focus on the child and family to build practical skills, increase knowledge and encourage participation within their community. Our team of highly skilled early years staff work across a number of areas, including diagnosis, positive behaviour support, developmental and social learning, therapy and family-based interventions.

The first step is to get a diagnosis for your child. Our diagnostic assessment service provides specialist therapists who will spend several hours with you and your child for a considered, accurate diagnosis.

Next steps

Effective early childhood support programs can greatly improve the quality of life for children on the autism spectrum and those with other developmental concerns. Our early childhood supports cater for children in the early childhood years (0-9). Our family-centred approach recognises the importance of working in partnership with family members.

We tailor our support to meet the individual needs of your child and we focus on supporting them in their natural environments where possible.

Contact us today if you require assistance with Autism Spectrum Disorders for your child.