Student Info


Student Information

Student placements

We strongly support the development of future therapists that are completing their University studies, and are clinical partners with several Universities. Throughout the year, we continuously take on students for their placements, and are proud to be able to play a big part in supervising and mentoring the future therapists coming through the ranks.

New Graduate Program

All therapists who join our team  with less than one years’ experience, will take part in a New Graduate Program. The 12 month program is designed to support New Graduates through their journey as a new therapist, by taking part in supervision, professional development, case presentations, and peer support, as well as helping in the development of goals, and meeting expectations.
It is our way of ‘holding your hand’ and walking you through those early stages of your career, so that we can help you blossom into a fabulous therapist!

Experiences for students

In addition to offering student placements (which are normally organised through the Universities), we also welcome opportunities to support students in other capacities.  If you are a student in your final two years of study, and are looking to gain some experience in the field, please get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss things further.

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