Our Services

Our Services

We offer the following as part of our services:

Assessments: An assessment is conducted for the purpose of providing information about your child’s current level of skills. Part of the assessment procedure will include a comprehensive case history looking at your child’s presenting difficulties and past medical history. Assessments are usually 2 hours long, and a comprehensive report may be requested.

Intervention: Intervention goals are based on your child’s individualised health plan. Intervention sessions vary in length, depending on your child’s needs.

Progress/Summary Reports: These can be issued on request, and are usually used for the purposes of developing plans with an intervention team or evaluating progress.

Meetings/consultations: Can be conducted on request, and will vary depending on location, duration and purpose, but are usually held at educational settings, including childcare centres, preschools and schools.

Observations: Can be conducted on request, pending approval from the educational setting and the clinician’s availability.